Strengthening Your Brand in the New Normal

Stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines significantly changed the way we do business. Still, no matter how much your brand may need to refocus, it’s crucial you stay true to your mission. More than ever, now is the time to take charge of your brand, reinforce your values, and seek to serve your audiences genuinely.

So, how do you move your business into the ‘new normal’?

Examine your mission

Deviating from your mission might be tempting, especially in difficult times, but in doing so, you run the risk of losing or alienating your original and long-term audiences.

Instead, consider how you can uniquely benefit customers in the short term, even if it doesn’t turn an immediate profit. As long as your brand remains valuable, the money will almost always follow.

Practice resilience

The advice you give your staff—to seek support, follow up with their teams, and be adaptable—has never been more relevant to your business. Keep lines of communication open and welcome honest, constructive feedback from your frontline workers as they have first-hand knowledge about your business.

Working with your team and welcoming their ideas prepares everyone for change while expanding the scope of possibility and strengthening your brand.

While doing this, don’t forget to lend a hand to those around you. Not only will it give your brand visibility, but it also fosters strong, mutually beneficial relationships and gives customers a glimpse at your compassion.

Consider customer needs

You probably started your business to solve a particular problem—don’t lose sight of that!

Customers make decisions based on what’s going to help them reach their goals or be their happiest, most authentic selves. Your audiences’ needs may have shifted, expanded, or changed since the pandemic began; talk to them, find out where they are and what they need from you. By focusing on that need, you position yourself as the best business to solve their problem.

Remember why you started

You may be tempted to follow trends, change your voice, or, worst of all, expand your scope to become everything to everyone. Don’t!

Remember, you can’t solve all the world’s problems, but you can provide the solutions you set out with in the first place in a genuine, supportive way that will resonate with existing customers while appealing to future audiences.

The last two years have changed the face of business, potentially forever. Our best advice is to remain true to your purpose and proceed in the most authentic way possible. Audiences recognise, appreciate, and even prefer humility and realness above all else.

Still not sure how to move forward? Our door is open, and the coffee is hot; stop in to discuss the future of your brand in the new normal.

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