Holm Sunset Event

To show appreciation to the current residents while reinforcing the luxury lifestyle found at HOLM Residences, our teams partnered up to deliver an exceptional event.

Sự kiện ngắm hoàng hôn tại HOLM Residences

Nhằm bày tỏ sự tri ân chân thành nhất đến các cư dân, PurpleAsia cùng HOLM Residences đã tổ chức một sự kiện riêng tư đặc biệt nhằm giúp người dự cảm nhận được trọn vẹn hơn về phong cách sống sang trọng và độc đáo nơi đây.

Held on the enclave’s stunning riverside parkland, the PurpleAsia team put on an exceptional lifestyle event featuring haute cuisine from Chef Sakal Phoeung of District 1’s Le Corto, delicious cocktails from the imagination of Hanoi’s Mood Therapist, Richard McDonough, and exciting music and dance performances, including a routine from Asia’s Got Talent 2017 finalists, the 218 Dance Crew.

As long-term partners, PurpleAsia and Sapphire continue to look for engaging, never-before-seen experiences for HOLM’s residents and their guests as well as meaningful opportunities for giving and charity.

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