Union Square

Union Square
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Though the names of the building and streets have changed over the years, Union Square has always been a landmark destination in the centre of the city. Welcoming a new generation of guests while paying homage to the site’s history and importance, Union Square will continue to stand the test of time, in part, thanks to our strong partnership with the managing team.

Essential Management Group partnered with PurpleAsia to create a distinctive brand and customer journey, one that would pay homage to the building’s history while honouring its new, cutting-edge, fashion first approach to luxury shopping. Such a brief resulted in a bold portrait of the new Vietnam, an icon of luxury and lifestyle with deep history and roots.

We reference the typographic history of Saigon and link strongly to current trends while building a provocative graphic voice across communications. The striking icon celebrates one of the city’s most iconic colonial structures. We delivered a set of distinguishing background colours across the responsive website design, allowing for a fresh and surprising experience with each visit.

With the rebrand and upgrades complete, new high-end shops are opening each month; the retail paradise spreads across six curated floors and continues to set a worldwide standard. By offering Vietnamese and international customers a selection of the best international brands, ranging from premium to luxury, each visit is a unique experience. In time, Union Square will also be home to delicious cafés and restaurants to ensure a complete multisensory experience.

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