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Understanding your customer and crafting a compelling brand experience is at the heart of the branding process. From the moment we begin our branding journey with you , we are passionate and obsessive about getting this right. It starts with a workshop that sets out our strategy while enabling early buy-in and engagement.

Our brand designs bring the essence of your business to life. Whether it be internal stakeholders or customers and end-users, we deliver work that everyone can buy into.

PR & Communication

As a branding agency that lives and breathes communication, we understand the strength of meaningful messages when they’re delivered effectively to customers. Whether it’s advertorials, press releases, or editorial stories, you can count on us to provide content that inspires and engages, helping to build a real affinity between your brand and customers. We’ll write in a tone of voice and style that will fit perfectly not just for your brand but for the specific message you want to give.

Of course, writing is only part of the process. It’s all for nothing if we can’t find the right outlet for your story...

Digital Marketing

With an ever-increasing array of platforms and channels, plus audiences that are not only growing rapidly but becoming increasingly fluid, getting digital marketing right is critical. But it can be a minefield. Likes… followers… fans… pages… accounts… click-throughs… reach… engagement… content… analytics… Where do you start? At PurpleAsia we start with you, your brand, your key messages. Understanding the client, its services and its audience gives us the platform to create a winning strategy to build and grow engagement with the end-customer.

Web Development

We believe that web development and web design doesn’t just mean building a website. Of course, we create work that carries genuine ‘wow’ factor but we never forget that what we’re really building is a portal to your brand’s identity. It’s more than an online shop, or an ‘add me to your mailing list’ landing page, it’s a window for your brand’s vision to be proudly and uniquely displayed to the world. From the outset we follow a strategic path that allows us to convey the true meaning your brand and its ethos through web design and development.

Packaging Design

We love packaging design simply because when done properly it’s the most challenging and technical discipline in branding. Presenting your visual identity in a way that invokes emotion in the customer and user is a challenge we love to rise to. Understanding the essence of your brand and product forms the basis for us to create unique designs that will captive and entice customers and end users. Each and every piece of packaging design we create is as individual as our clients.

Events Management

Our event management work extends to the serious business of press conferences, corporate events, such as a groundbreaking ceremony for a new property development, or even a sales roadshow. We’ll see to it that, whatever your event, it gets the attention it deserves and is seen by a wider audience. Our PR team will make it a priority to maximise communications for you, while our social media guys will get people talking on your digital platforms.

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